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How Do You Know If Your Roof is About to Collapse?

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If you are a homeowner or a commercial building owner, the last thing you’d want to experience is a collapsed roof. A roof collapse is by no means a small problem. Collapsing roofs can cause severe injuries to occupants, damage to the building, and result in a total business shutdown. What if there were visible signs indicating the imminent collapse of the roof that were ignored? This article will examine some of the warning signs that people can observe to realize a roof is on the verge of collapsing. 

Bent Conduits and Utility Pipes

One of the visible signs that depict an impending roof collapse is bent conduits and utility pipes. There are conduits that run from the roof into the occupied rooms, such as water pipes. When a roof is about to collapse, its weight might lay on the pipes and conduits, making them sag or bend. Therefore, when people spot bent pipes, especially on the top floor, they should take precautions and inform the management to investigate the cause, as it could indicate a roof is about to collapse.

Sagging Shingles or Ceiling

The sagging of shingles and ceilings is another significant concern when a roof is about to collapse. When the weight of a roof starts acting on the ceiling, it will cause it to sag, which is visible to people in a room. More so, people can spot a sagging spot on a residential roof when walking or conducting periodic maintenance. The sagging of a roof is the best way to notice the impending danger of collapse.

Doors and Windows that are Difficult to Open

When one notices that doors and windows that were initially easy to open have become screechy and challenging to open, this could be a possible indicator of a roof that’s about to collapse. Roofs that are about to collapse may exert weight on one side of a house wall, making the windows lock firmly. Also, this may result in windows cracking and window outlines bending. These are critical indicators of a failing roof, and the homeowner should inform the local contractor to take corrective actions fast to avoid further damage.

Severe Roof Leakage

Another common sign that a roof is about to collapse is a leaking roof. A roof that leaks severely has been weakened by the sipping water causing it to lose its structural strength. Such roofs are not firmly anchored to the building, and an external force such as wind or hail can easily bring it down. Therefore, leaking roofs should be attended to immediately to avoid further damage that might fail at unexpected moments.

Cracks on Masonry Walls

Many houses are designed using masonry walls which carry the weight of the roof and distribute it to the foundation. In a case where a roof is leaning on one masonry wall, the weight can cause cracks.

This is a clear indication of an unbalanced roof that could collapse.

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The signs mentioned above are some of the standard identifiers of a roof that is about to collapse. Homeowners, business building owners, or occupants must be educated on identifying such signs to keep them aware of their surroundings. This can help avoid fatalities, extensive damage to property, and loss of business, resulting in huge losses. 

If you spot any of these signs, please consider the available financing options for a new roof before it is too late.