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Will Missing Roof Shingles Cause a Roof Leak?

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Every shingle on your roof is essential, but there are times when it can go missing. It can happen due to various factors such as wind, rain, and falling trees. If you had a professional install the shingles, they might eventually come loose and cause a problem. Although a few missing shingles might look bad, the question is whether they can cause leaks. When it comes to missing shingles, it’s essential to determine if they’re just an eye sore or causing water damage. 

Even if damage to your roof affects only a few parts of it, it does not matter as long as the whole structure is intact. Some asphalt shingles have three sections; during intense weather, one can get ripped off. Since this is not usually possible to repair, replacing the entire shingle is required. 

If you lose a whole shingle instead of just one or two of them, it is likely that your roof will stay intact. The location of the missing shingle will determine whether or not it will leak.

To be a hundred percent sure, it is best to schedule an inspection, so your roof is ready for winter and the risk of water damage is minimized.

Usually, the seams between the two shingles are spaced in a staggered manner. If the roof ends up with more than one or two of these seams exposed, it might allow water to come out. 

The valleys are also essential parts of a roof. They are areas where two low parts meet. If a shingle is missing at a low point, it can cause debris and water to collect in the valleys, increasing the chances of a leak

What Will Happen If You Don’t Replace The Missing Shingle?

Although possible that missing shingles could lead to a roof leak, it’s not always the case. The amount of time that the shingles have been missing and how much rain has fallen will determine how much of a leak it can cause. The installation of shingles and how they are laid will prevent a leak from happening immediately. Also, water must go through the roof decking and the underlayment before entering your home. 

If left exposed for a long time, a leak can occur, and the wood used for the decking will rot. A roof leak can also happen if nails get stuck in the missing shingles. Lifted nails can be caught by the water and then go down into your home. If you notice missing shingles, you should immediately contact a roofing contractor. Before calling a roofing contractor, you should inspect the area where the damage occurred. You’ll get a better idea of the scope of the issue and how it will get addressed. 

A missing shingle might not cause a leak immediately; however, it can affect the surrounding shingles over time if they deteriorate due to sunlight, wind, and water exposure. The older your roof is, especially if you have multiple layers of shingles, the greater the chance of experiencing progressive leak damage. 

One of the most critical steps that you should take when it comes to fixing a leaking roof is to replace the missing shingles immediately. It will prevent water damage to your home’s interior areas, such as the attic and the insulation. 

Unlike extensive replacements, which are usually carried out on a large scale, professional roofers can also perform minor repairs. One of the most common reasons why people hire a professional is because they can find new shingles that match the originals’ color and texture. They can install these without affecting the surrounding area. If there are other issues with your roof, they should get fixed immediately.  

After a storm, you might notice missing shingles on your driveway or lawn. Although you can see the bare spots on your roof from the ground, regular inspections are also recommended to check for other issues.