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Smithfield, NC Is an Entertainment Hub

Smithfield, NC Is an Entertainment Hub

Like most towns, Smithfield is a popular spot for all forms of entertainment. The city has everything if you want to enjoy a live stage performance, watch a movie, wine, and dine. And for that once-in-a-lifetime experience, here are the top-rated spots to check. Lanham, MD can be seen here.

Live Stage Performance at Neuse Little Theatre

Neuse Little Theatre is a community theater in a riverfront log cabin that hosts dramas, comedies, and musicals. Founded in 1974, it has become a part of the cultural heritage in Smithfield as it continuously strives to delight the tastes of the young and old audiences. Click here to read about Smithfield, NC Bubbles with Parks Filled with Fun Activities.

Its home is the former American Legion Log Cabin, which has been repurposed to work as a live performance space. The cabin, overlooking the Neuse River, is now affectionately known as The Hut and provides an intimate theatrical experience with its 100-seating capacity. It welcomes everyone to come and audition, work behind the scenes, and enjoy the shows. The Neuse Little Theatre also conducts acting camps for kids to bolster further its lineup of local talents in the performing arts.

Movie At the Smithfield Cinemas

This iconic cinema is located in Smithfield and is the favorite of the locals and those visiting Smithfield on holiday. It has fantastic features like ten wall-to-wall screens, all stadium seating, high-back rocker seats, the retractable armrests with cupholders are comfy, there’s digital sound, and it is wheelchair accessible as well.

You can book the tickets online, they also have advanced ticketing, and there are discount tickets before 6 pm. Locals love to catch a movie with their family and friends as the cinema is an iconic place that is great for kids’ activities in Smithfield.

Watch Blockbusters at the Howell Theatre

If you want to have the feel of a movie house where film classics like Gone with the Wind were first screened, buy a ticket at the Howell Theatre on South Third Street. The Howell Theatre opened in 1935 and must have shown past hits like the King Kong first movie production and iconic Charlie Chaplin silent films. This movie theater is one of the few in the US that has continuously operated for over 75 years.

Quite endearing, the Howell Theatre features the restored original hardwood floors in all of its auditoriums. There are four auditoriums in this vintage movie theater’s building, one of the stops in the Smithfield Walking Tour. Watching a current hit Hollywood movie in any of these auditoriums should be a doubly exciting experience, given the pedigree of the Howell Theatre.

Enjoy at Double Barley Brewing

This famous family-operated craft brewery is located in Smithfield, NC. It is owned by Cheryl and Larry and started when Cheryl gave Larry a home brew kit on his 40th birthday. Larry discovered he could brew great beer, and Cheryl was good at sampling, so they launched Double Barley Brewing. It has an awesome taproom and beer garden and also conducts weekly tours. It is trendy among locals, visitors, and families regularly gather here to have a good time together.