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Top Rated Roofing Services in Roxboro, NC

Lane’s Contracting offers top roofing services, particularly in Roxboro, North Carolina. These services encompass various aspects, from installation to repair and maintenance of roofs crafted from different materials, including metal and asphalt shingles, among others. 

The choice of material necessitates an understanding of local weather conditions as well as adherence to area-specific building codes and regulations. Our professional roofing contractors in Roxboro are experienced in dealing with prevalent issues such as roof leaks which require prompt action to prevent further property damage. 

Furthermore, emergency roof repair services are also crucial, knowing the unpredictable nature of climatic events that could lead to sudden damage. Lastly, these roofing services cater to residential properties and commercial establishments, thereby playing an integral role in maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of buildings within the Roxboro region.

The Premier Roxboro Roofers

We’re more than roofers: We’re masters of our craft. We combine a comprehensive understanding of our field with rigorous training, education, and experience. Our Master Elite Certified team pays off in dividends for our clients. It allows us to deliver a superior standard of service, more efficient workmanship, and stellar results on every job. As a Roxboro roofing company, we strive to develop smart solutions that save our customers time and money. We stick to our deadlines, and we consistently stay well under our clients’ budgets while ensuring excellent quality control. Rest assured: When you choose us, you can take comfort knowing you’ve chosen well. You’ve chosen the best in the business.

Since our founding, providing the highest quality and superior roofing services in Roxboro has been at the heart of everything we do at Lane’s Contracting.

Master Elite Roofing Contractor Raleigh

GAF Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractor

A Master Elite Certification from GAF – North America’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing materials – is the highest level of certification available only for the top roofing contractors.

Only 2% of all roofing professionals in the country can meet and sustain the high standards required to be certified as Master Elite. To uphold these standards, GAF randomly inspects a large number of the roofs that each contractor installs each year.

For contractors to obtain certification, they must:

Be properly licensed

Be adequately insured.

Have a proven track reputation for quality.

Roofing Contractors in Roxboro, NC

In Roxboro, NC, our reputable roofing contractors are available to provide exceptional services for residential and commercial objects. They have experience with local weather conditions and common roofing problems specific to Roxboro and the nearby cities such as Raleigh.

Metal Roofing Contractors in Roxboro

Specializing in durable and energy-efficient solutions, Lane’s metal roofing contractors in Roxboro offer many options for both residential and commercial structures. Our professionals are well-versed with various roofing materials and techniques, strictly adhering to local building codes and regulations.

  1. Metal Longevity: Metal roofs are known for their durability, often outlasting traditional asphalt shingles for several decades.
  2. Sustainability Benefits: Metal roofs are typically made from recycled materials and can be completely recycled at the end of their life cycle.
  3. Installation Process: Experienced contractors ensure a smooth installation process that complies with all local building codes.
  4. Maintenance Tips & Cost Comparison: While initial installation costs may be higher, long-term maintenance is minimal, providing significant cost savings over time.

Our experts understand common roofing problems specific to the Roxboro area, offering tailored solutions that meet individual needs.


Lane’s Contracting Comes Highly Recommended

Based on 146 reviews
Rick Brown
Rick Brown
June 2, 2023.
In my experience, there is nothing not to like about this company! Ricky Lane, the owner, came to our house in Durham to estimate the need and cost. He was friendly and informative, and he offered a very competitive price. We scheduled a time after New Year's in 2023. The work crew was very professional. They replaced soft or rotten decking, covered decking with a waterproof underlayer, and installed the shingles of our choice. Afterwards they picked up every last nail. It's been five months since then, and everything is fine.
Jessica Cassibba
Jessica Cassibba
May 15, 2023.
I was so impressed by the professionalism of this contractor team. The Terry and his team’s communication was excellent. To top it off, the home office was on top of things as well, and called regularly to give updates. Lanes also helped us navigate the insurance process. I highly recommend them for your home repair needs.
Ty Thomas
Ty Thomas
May 11, 2023.
I had many bids for gutters on my home. I had a specific budget. They were able to give me bigger gutters, higher quality metal, and a MUCH lower price to accommodate my budget. They were very quick and professional. Highly recommend.
Billy E Williams Sr
Billy E Williams Sr
May 11, 2023.
Great work. Vinyl siding
March 28, 2023.
Lanes Contracting is the best of the best after hiring them for a roof installation last year we called them back for window replacements siding and painting Ricky came out to do the estimate and he is very professional knowledgeable and honest he lets you know what needs to be done and cost upfront Shannon and Sarah are perfect they communicated with us every step of the way The crew came out on time they were very professional polite and hard working everything was complete in 3 days These guys can turn a old house into a gem and that is not something all contractors can do but Lanes knows exactly what to do I don't know how anyone could give them a negative review because this is not a company that you have to stand over their shoulder you can trust them to do it right the first time just hire them and let them do their job They will be doing our complete remodel because I can count on them to show up and do it Right Thank you to all at lanes Contracting we were truly blessed to find and hire you can't wait to start the next project To anyone who hires them you will not regret it
Javier Cardenas
Javier Cardenas
March 24, 2023.
Michael Talton
Michael Talton
March 15, 2023.
We had them to install new siding on our home and tidid a great job.
W A Best
W A Best
March 14, 2023.
Excellent from start to finish. Competitive price, great communication throughout the process. Would use Lanes again.
Mike McCain
Mike McCain
March 12, 2023.

Roxboro Roof Leak Repairs

Prompt detection and immediate attention to roof leaks can save homeowners from extensive damage, costlier repairs, and overall stress. In Roxboro, Lane’s Contracting professional roofers can assess the severity of damage using advanced tools and techniques. We offer advice on different roofing materials suitable for local weather conditions in Roxboro, thus aiding in leak prevention. In addition to that, we provide comprehensive warranty options, ensuring long-term protection against future leaks.

Emergency Roof Repair in Roxboro, NC

Unexpected roof damages, particularly during adverse weather conditions, can cause significant distress to homeowners in Roxboro. This often results in thy immediate intervention of emergency roof repair professionals. Lane’s Contracting roofers adeptly conduct damage assessments to determine the extent of roofing inefficiencies caused by weather impacts such as hailstorms or hurricanes.

Roxboro Residental and Commercial Roofing Company

Our reputable company provides comprehensive solutions for various roofing needs in Roxboro – whether a residential or commercial property. Knowledgeable about various roofing materials, Lane’s Contacting roofers incorporate current roofing trends while adhering strictly to local building codes and regulations. With vast experience dealing with common roofing problems specific to the Roxboro area, we offer expert guidance on maintenance tips that can prolong roof longevity and reduce repair costs. Moreover, our skilled professionals use cutting-edge installation techniques that ensure optimal roof performance and aesthetic appeal.

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