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Oliver, North Carolina, Is a Foodies’ Paradise

Oliver, North Carolina, Is a Foodies’ Paradise

Oliver is one of the up-and-coming communities near Raleigh. One notable community attribute is the proximate access to top-rated dining spots in Raleigh. Information can be found here.

Foodies, both visitors, and locals, can visit the following. 

The Roast Grill

Since 1940, The Roast Grill in downtown Raleigh has served up some of the best hot dogs, along with glass bottle cokes and homemade Greek desserts. Blink, and you might miss this charming hole-in-the-wall restaurant with its old-fashioned barstools and antique memorabilia on display. Pony up to the counter to order dogs uniquely cooked to a crisp, black char and topped with a combination of mustard, homemade chili, coleslaw, and onions. Best known for its “HOT WEINERS!” sign, The Roast Grill is a hometown staple, inspiring loyalty from visitors and locals alike. See here for information about Selma, North Carolina Is a Perfect Community to Live In.

Soo Café

In North Raleigh, you’ll find a humble Korean restaurant in a quiet shopping center attracting a fair amount of attention from lovers of Korean fried chicken and BBQ. Soo Café, with its simple, homespun décor, entices patrons with staples like crispy tempura vegetables, bibimbap, and craveable fried chicken wings doused in a soy-garlic sauce. Drop in for an unforgettable meal or order to-go; don’t pass this hidden gem by.