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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

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Getting ready for the winter season is a standard checklist everyone must complete. Aside from moving outdoor furniture, preparing for winter can also involve putting away garden tools and preparing for the cold weather. 

Before you start preparing for winter, it’s essential to check your roof. The weather can affect the quality of your roof’s shingles. The summer season can cause them to get hot, and the spring and fall rains can also cause them to get damaged

The winter season can also pose various challenges to your roof. Are you ready for the cold and snow that will come? Ice and snow can cause significant damage to your roof. This checklist will help you prepare for winter and keep your roof in good condition. Doing so can help avoid costly repairs later on

What are The Things to Do on Your Roof Before Winter?

Check The Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Having proper insulation in your attic can help lower your heating bills. It can also prevent the heat from coming to your shingles, which can lead to the development of ice dams. 

Without proper ventilation, air can get trapped in your home and contribute to the development of structural problems. During the summer season, proper roof ventilation can help prevent heat damage. In the winter, poor ventilation can cause a buildup of moisture and freeze. 

Snow Removal

If you have a lot of snow on your roof, you must remove it now instead of waiting for it to melt. One way to do this is by using a snow rake. Be careful of tripping hazards and ice, as the snow may still melt. 

Trim Tree Limbs

When wet snow falls, the weight of the snow can break the tree limbs on your roof. To avoid further damage, remove the limbs from your roof. 

Clean Gutters

The leaves that came from the fall and the coming snow can combine to create a potential disaster. If the debris from the leaves backs up into the gutters, it can cause severe damage to your roof. Also, ice dams can form due to the buildup of ice. 

Secure Gutters

Besides cleaning out your rain gutters, you should also ensure they’re secure. Gaps between the structure and the gutters can lead to drips and create dangerous ice patches. 

Replace Damaged Shingles

With the winter season coming, your roof should be in good condition. If you notice that your shingles are missing or damaged, it’s crucial that you immediately replace them. Water damage can lead to significant structural issues if it gets through your roof. 

One of the most critical steps that you can take to ensure that your roof is in good shape for winter is to schedule an inspection. It will allow a professional to thoroughly inspect your roof and identify areas where it needs to be improved. 

Aside from preparing your roof for the winter, there are other things you can do to improve its performance. One of these is roof rejuvenation, which can help restore the natural ability of your shingles to perform. For a fraction of the cost, you can get five years of life out of your roof with this process.

If this sounds good, our team of qualified Raleigh roofers can help you by rejuvenating your roof.