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How Much Weight Can a Flat Roof Support?

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Most roofs can support 20 pounds per square foot, but if your roof is old or unsound, it may support less weight.

Don’t know how much weight your roof can support? Check your home-related documents or look up local codes to get a ballpark figure. Or, of course, you can hire pro roofers, but more on that later.

Is There Any Way to Increase a Flat Roof’s Weight Limit?

Strengthen Existing Trusses

The trusses provide a lot of support to the roof, so if these are weakened—and this tends to happen over time—the roof will not be able to hold as much weight as it once could.

To strengthen existing trusses, simply nail a 2×4 into each one. Just make sure the 2x4s are sound hardwood; these are the strongest.

Add New Trusses

If more than strengthening existing trusses is needed, consider adding more trusses. Of course, you can only add trusses in areas where the roof is accessible. So go up to your home’s attic and look for spots that can accommodate more trusses.

But be careful when hammering and drilling up in the attic—you don’t want to mess with the attic’s insulating ability. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with other roof-related problems eventually.

Replace Worn Shingles

All shingles wear down over time, but when a shingle cracks or becomes loose, you need to fix or replace it right away; otherwise, rainwater will get by it and reach the inner structure, which can cause mold growth, rotting, etc.

And if this were to happen, your flat roof wouldn’t be able to support a substantial amount of weight since the structure under it would be weakened.

What Happens if Too Much Weight Is Added to the Roof?

The Roof May Sag

If your roof is sagging, there’s a good chance too much weight has been added; it could also sag under its own weight if the structure below is weak.

It can be hard to identify roof sag. Still, if sagging is noticeable, you should get roofers out to the property immediately, as the roof may cave in sooner rather than later if necessary repairs aren’t made.

Cracks May Appear in the Ceiling

Cracks in the ceiling can also indicate too much weight on the roof. That said, this isn’t the only roof-related problem that can cause cracks.

Therefore, if these show up, it’s best to contact professional roofers right away, as they’ll know what’s causing the ceiling cracks.

The Roof May Show Signs of Damage

A roof that’s slowly buckling under too much weight may also display visible damage, like cracked shingles, ripped underlayment, and dislodged flashings.

Lanes Contracting Will Strengthen Your Roof

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