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Five Common Roof Problems

roofing problems

Roof-related problems require urgent response to prevent them from escalating into more dire situations that could get catastrophic. Or if you are thinking about selling your property, repairing your roof could work in your favor. Working with an expert roofing contractor gives you an added advantage in finding solutions for the various roof challenges you might face. The experts provide an excellent service that enables you to achieve roof durability and quality, making you stay stress-free in the comfort of your building. There are numerous roofing problems that buildings get exposed to depending on the roofing structure, and they include the following:

Faulty roofing materials

Working with professional roofing contractors and know the anatomy of a roof are essential to ensure the tiles get appropriately installed. Broken shingles and damaged tiles leave the whole roofing structure in a sorry state and cause numerous problems for the building owner. Also, roofing materials wear off after some time and become unable to perform their various objectives, making it necessary to do a roof repair or replacement. The repairs must get done since the longer it takes to correct the defects, the more the problems accrue.

Water damages

Standing water on the roofing material makes a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth, affecting the entire roof structure. The collected water sips through any pores on the roof, causing roof leakages that could damage the building’s interior. Water damages are common on flat roofs hence the need to have proper drainage to dispose of the rainwater effectively.

Improper roof flashing

Flashing gets the installation done in the roof’s weak areas to protect connections like skylights and chimneys. The flashing material gets made of aluminum, plastic, or steel, and the connections are left vulnerable to moisture and water when it cracks. When adequately attached, you stay stress-free from any problems around the connections area.

Clogged gutters

Gutters provide direction for rainwater to their designated points of collection or disposal to prevent any water collection on the roof and damage to the building foundation. Having a contractor do a drip edge installation during roof construction or repair prevents the leakages that result from clogged gutters and could also help prevent freezing. Additionally, gutter inspections enable you to ascertain the state of the roof and the possible gutter damages, including rust, decay, and cracks.

Snow and ice

Snow and ice leave the roof vulnerable, making it necessary to take the proper measures to control their effects. The accumulation of ice on the roofing material gives it room to expand and subsequently push the shingles and flashing on the roof. The pressure on the shingles creates gaps within the roofing materials, allowing ice and water to sip into the building, thereby leaving the entire building structure vulnerable. Doing roof inspections immediately after ice and snow storms enables you to capture any damaged areas and repair them quickly.


Roof damages are costly if not well handled, leaving the building vulnerable. Hiring the right expert roofing contractors improves your chances of getting a quality service. The different challenges must be attended to enable you to achieve a stress-free roofing structure that has served you for many years.